Our Studio Booth help your event to become more unique, fun and will be remembered by the guest. It can also help you and your guest be more creative by creating unique and nice backdrop, props, and theme. Give your guest freedom to choose type of props they wanted to wear and freedom to do a freestyle when pose in the photo booth.

How It Works?

  • Grab a 2 – 8 friends or just by yourself.

  • Pick up your favourite funky props and get silly with it

  • Stand in front of DSLR camera & professional studio lighting

  • Get ready to make fun… 1…2…3…capture!

  • Print your photos instantly with high speed photo printer in less than 10 seconds

  • Collect your photo from our collection counter

  • Tag, like and share it on our Facebook @ www.facebook.com/pbstudio.my


Don’t worry. Our friendly professional assistant will assist your guests throughout the event. At the end of event, not only your guest will be having fun but they will also have a party favor like photo strips or photos with customised layout to take them home. This photo is timeless, unique and thoughtful.


Lastly, as an organizer, it will be great if people keep talking how awesome your event was for the whole year and with photo booth rental, your event will be the most memorable.



This has become a very popular thing to have at wedding in the M'sia and now it is becoming the thing to have at your wedding here in the M'sia also. The proplem is the booths that you hire are small and compact and can only fit about 5 people in them at any one time. We spoke to a number of brides and they all say they want something with more room to get more people in. So at Photo Booth Studio we came up with a customizable studio with a booth style photo system so you can have the best of both worlds.


Corporate and Events

If you run a business holding a special event such as a product launch or the corporate event? Our photo booth studio could be the thing to make your event stand out and be remembered for a long time after the event. Photo Booth studio you get to choose the background to suite your event and we will even sort out branding on the photos so that all your guests have there photo with your logo or slogan. 





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